Bespoke Programs For Any Fitness Level Or Goal


I want every one to reach their goal. My three different programs are suitable for any age, weight or equipment. You can workout at home or in a professional gym. Choose your favourite program and be the best version of yourself.

Bear buff up - Premium

The Bear Buff Up Premium Package does not only contain the ebook including knowledge, workout guides and diet plan (with over 50 meal prep recipes), you are also granted with full access to my fitness app with gym and home workouts for 12 weeks. Additionally, you will get WhatsApp support for better guidance during the 12 weeks of the program.

As a benefit, I will consult you once via a video call to catch up with each other.


Bear buff up premium PRO

Get the most out of Niks Shape Up Program: 24/7 guidance for your routine.

Profit from all the benefits of the PREMIUM-Package but we will level up your sexiness – together. In our weekly video calls I am consulting you with everything you need to shape up!


Bear buff up - Kick Starter

Everything you need to start seeing your body change in one eBook. Nik’s program has been used by many around the world to loose weight, and gain the muscle mass they are looking for. This self-contained exercise and diet manual is designed for those who prefer to work by themselves or need to work out at their own pace, without constant consultation.

BONUS: Profit from a one-time video call where we can discuss your workout routine or diet.


The Benefits

Full Support

I am happy to assist you within the program. My PREMIUM-Package includes 24/7 Whatsapp-Support and one 30 minute Video-Call.


My ebook offers you 50 recipes and lots of tipps for a healthy nutrition.


Exchange opinions and maybe get some motivation with others throughout my app. 


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