Bear Buff Up – PREMIUM

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Start your journey to a new body with Nik!  This program gives you access to Nik’s support 24/7 on WhatsApp or iMessages–just what you need to make sure you keep your fitness journey in line.

Once purchased, you will receive the program material and further instruction via email within 24 hours.


7 reviews for Bear Buff Up – PREMIUM

  1. Luis Leanos

    This is an excellent service, I purchased the premium. Having the weekly follow ups keep me motivated. The ebook and exercises are easy to follow. So far I have gained a few pounds in muscle and I am more toned and defined.

  2. Adam Trevino

    I started this program having failed at every other online program within the first week. I think the reason I couldn’t stick to one is I was following something to get to a body I didn’t want. I needed to find a program for beefing up.

    I’m only on week four, however, I’ve seen incredible results. I’ve been able to follow the workouts very easily and have noticed the weights I select going up quickly. I meal prep on Sundays and Wednesdays, and Nik tailored what I should be eating and when to my “starting” body shape and goals. I’m so excited to share my results after the program is complete. It feels great when people comment on your progress, and knowing that you have even more weeks of hard work to make yourself that much better. Nik has been great, he’s funny, but also gives you the support you need and answers all the questions you may have (even if they seem silly).

    Thanks so much, Nik! You’ve helped me find a confidence in my body.

  3. Mordy

    Earlier this year, I started going to the gym regularly and started following a more balanced diet. I was seeing my weight loss goals become accomplished, but starting Nik’s shape up program helped me workout in ways that would give me the sexy body I never thought I would be able to have. I feel so comfortable in my skin and more importantly, I feel my body is healthier.
    It was great having a coach who was there for me, and when my program is over, I’m going to miss having the weekly check in. I’m proud of the work I have put in to better myself.
    The Bear Buff Up program is definitely worth it! It’s practically a steal!

  4. Daniel

    I’ve always been a very skinny guy. I didn’t know what to eat and how to workout right. Through a friend who has been doing this program with success, I also signed up for it! It’s a one time payment of just about $159 to that time. You get an amazing and well designed ebook of over 30 pages plus 50 meal prep recipes. Included in the ebook are workout and diet plans plus great advice for your fitness journey!
    With the “premium package” comes also for 12 weeks a weekly WhatsApp follow up Nik does in person with you. He took his time and kept reaching out and answering all my questions I had! I just finished my 12 weeks, gained great and lean muscle mass, feel so much more confident and healthier and best of all is, I got my ex boyfriend back who was amazed of my change in confidence! No more insecure and jealous times! I love myself now and im so thankful for signing up for it! It literally changed my life!

  5. Franco Americano

    I have tried other systems, which were OK. I found that Niks shape up was more successful for me because of the programs realistic, achievable goals. I really felt like I was being held accountable, which in turn proved in the look of my body. Big thumbs up for Niks body shape up!

  6. Patrick McDaniel (verified owner)

    This has been the best program I have ever done by far. I’ve tried several programs and Nik’s program blew them out of the water. I was seeing progress in both strength and size in just a couple weeks. I am a good cook anyway but the meal plan gave me some new ideas so I wasn’t just eating the same few things every day. He is always available to answer questions or concerns you may have and responds promptly. He’s a great guy as well. There is no quick fix to getting the body you want but this is the closest thing to it.

  7. Patrick

    5 of 5 stars! The program has such a high and great value! For that price it’s a total no brainer! Nik helped me so much with his service! He’s always available via WhatsApp 24/7 when I have questions or just need to get motivated! I went in the 12 weeks from 184 lbs to 200 lbs and kept my body fat below 20%! I’m so thankful! You won’t regret signing up for this. If you want to get bigger or lose weight, Nik will put you on the right program!


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